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RushCard Puts “Yes” in Your Pocket

Russell Simmons

RushCard lets you say “Yes” to:

  • Getting your money sooner with Direct Deposit2
  • Paying bills online or over the phone
  • Shopping at millions of places
  • Getting cash at ATMs

RushCard also lets you say “No”:

  • No minimum balances
  • No credit checks
  • No existing bank account required
Russell Simmons

Get Your Money Up to Two Days Sooner2

Direct Deposit your payroll to your RushCard and get access to your money up to 2 days sooner. Or get your government benefits up to 3 days sooner.2Learn More »

Pay Your Own Way™

It’s a Prepaid Visa Card That Puts You In Control

With RushCard, you have access to online tools that make staying in control of your finances simple. RushCard is easy to get and reload and convenient to use. It’s a lot safer than carrying cash thanks to the Visa Zero Liability policy which keeps your money protected if your card is lost or stolen.4

1 Sign Up

It’s so simple. First, enter some info below. Then pick the card design that you like. And finally, choose one of our 2 plans.

Complete a short application and get approval upon ID verification.1 Done.

2 Add Money

To use your card, just complete two steps: 1) set up a PIN and 2) add money.7 The best way to load your card is to use Direct Deposit and get your money up to 2 days sooner.2 You can also:

  • Load cash or payroll/government benefits checks
  • Transfer money from another RushCard
  • Use PayPal
  • Direct Deposit your tax refund

3 Use Your Card

Use your RushCard for everyday things like groceries or gas. Or to pay your bills online. You can even pay back friends by transferring money to their RushCards.

When the urge to splurge hits you, your RushCard lets you instantly check your balance to see if you can afford those hot concert tickets, that romantic night out, or that latest cellphone.

Take the Cash, Leave the ATM Fees Behind

Now you can use your RushCard to withdraw cash at tens of thousands of surcharge-free MoneyPass® ATMs from coast to coast.

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Our Commitment

I started this business 10 years ago because I saw that a lot of hard-working Americans had very few financial options. They were paying high and unexpected fees. Wasting time standing in check-cashing lines. Stuck with the risks of carrying cash, and the inconveniences of using money orders. All while being weighed down by bad credit and being turned away by traditional banks. I created RushCard to remove those barriers – and to improve the financial well-being for millions of people. Over the years, we’ve continued to get better. We’ve added features to RushCard to provide even more financial options, and we’ve taken away fees as we’ve gotten smarter about what we do. We are committed to providing you with great customer service and support. And we want to hear from you if you have suggestions for how we can be even better. We wouldn’t be here without you, our customers. Thank you for a great 10 years, we look forward to continuing to serve you for many more years to come.

Russell Simmons